Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Auditor – The Surprise

In a very low turnout race where more conservative candidates did better south of 6th Avenue, the Denver Auditor race was the evening’s upset. Denver voters went against the political class and supported the independent candidate, Timothy O’Brien, an actual auditor.

Chris Nevitt, a longtime city councilperson, had the endorsements and the money, but not the votes. He lost 47 percent to 53 percent in a citywide race, with only about 100,000 votes cast.

Voters liked incumbent Dennis Gallagher’s independent attitude more than his endorsement of Nevitt.

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Dave Barnes said...

I believe (with no supporting data) that low turnout elections have a higher percentage of informed voters. Those voting understood that Chris was:
1. unqualified (as was Dennis)
2. actually running for Mayor