Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hart Endorses O’Malley

Gary Hart doesn’t opine often from Troublesome Gulch, but when he does, it’s interesting. He
Gary Hart
weighed in on the presidential campaign with some of the first honest talk, most of which is on the mind of many Democrats.
  • Too much campaign money needed and spent ($1 billion – minimum)
  • Too few qualified, interesting newcomers
  • Too much dynasty
  • Democrats and Hillary are ill-served by no competition and no specifics
Hart knows Martin O’Malley as a friend and clearly favors him as an anti-establishment underdog, the role he played in 1984 – and he nearly won.

Politico: Gary Hart: Billion-dollar Clinton campaign should ‘frighten’ Americans
The Buzz: Democratic Party’s stressful support of Hillary Clinton

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