Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Russia Moves Up and Iran Down as the Country We Most Love to Hate

Gallup released its world affairs poll (Feb. 8-11, 2015) asking Americans what country they consider to be the U.S.’s greatest enemy.

Russia, from a very low position of only 3 percent of the public identifying it as the greatest enemy in 2011, is now at the top of the list with 18 percent. Conversely, Iran, which was at the top in 2011 with a quarter (25%) of the public saying it was the greatest enemy, has dropped to 4th place behind China and North Korea with 9 percent of the public.

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Dave Barnes said...

Who are the idiots who selected Afghanistan?
Our greatest potential enemy has been China (the Commie one) as they:
1. are the only country that has the ability to project power outside their own borders
2. have an economy large enough to be able to afford the weapons of war