Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Democrats Question CU Scientist Who Dissents from “Climate Consensus”

A band of liberal Democratic U.S. congresspersons have launched an investigation of scientists who express reservations about various aspects of the current majority scientific views on global warming.

Unfortunately, the high-profile effort to discredit skeptical scientists and their work picked on a well-respected CU professor, Roger Pielke Jr.

CU and his professional associations have come to his defense as has the Denver Post.

The Washington Times article by Valerie Richardson (3-5-15) describes the controversy and quotes me from a 9KUSA interview:

“I think the Democrats, anytime you’re trying to enforce group-think or punish a professor for their scientific and legitimate views — and if you listen to this professor’s [views], they sound fairly reasonable, frankly — I think the Democrats look very bad on this,” Denver political analyst Floyd Ciruli said Sunday on KUSA-TV’s “Between the Lines” with Brandon Rittiman.

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