Monday, March 30, 2015

Ciruli Has 3,000 Followers

In Russia, when a blogger attracts 3,000 or more regular viewers, they become a potential threat to the state. In America, we celebrate it and issue a press release.  When The Buzz began in 2008, it was the continuation of a political website started in 2000 at a time when George W. Bush was carrying Colorado during the Republican dominance of the state.

The first blog post began a discussion of “the factors that led to the beginning of what may be a Democratic era” (posted Dec. 22, 2008). That first year there were only six postings, but as political events locally and globally have heated up, the number has gone up every year since – nearly topping 300 in 2014.

As of March 23, 2015, we’d posted 60 analyses so far this year, and they are now shared with more than 3,000 followers on Facebook and elsewhere.

Reading through the six years of headlines provides a political history of an extraordinary period in contemporary Colorado politics. Colorado has become a swing state with all the excitement and attention it brings. It’s been an incredible seven-year run of interesting politics as Colorado has risen to an unprecedented position of political power.

Welcome to all the friends, readers, re-tweeters and commenters.

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