Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ciruli and Wadhams on Republican State Party Chair Change

Associated Press political writer Nick Riccardi points out Ryan Call lost his job as Republican State Chair in spite of leading the party in a very strong year after a series of defeats and with a host of endorsements from Republican officeholders.

But, as Dick Wadhams pointed out, there’s an inverse relationship to the importance of parties in the major races and the level of infighting. As money has increasingly come from independent and out-of-state sources, the infighting among party factions with diminished clout grows.

My point was that the victory of Cory Gardner in the senate race was largely a function of major national party players joining with the local establishment to clear the field, including Tea Party factions and other local interest groups. Beating Michael Bennet will be even tougher, and the party establishment will be an essential ingredient in a successful campaign.

See AP: Ouster of Colorado GOP chairman show fissures remain

Dick Wadhams (L) and Ryan Call (R)

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