Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicago – Mayoral Election April 7

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will win a substantial re-election victory against Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the April 7 runoff unless there is a major change in voter sentiment captured by recent polls.

A local pollster, Ogden and Fry, use no undecided option in some versions, and has Emanuel running at least 10 points ahead, at or above 50 percent with more than 15 percent of voters claiming to be undecided.

Emanuel wanted to avoid a runoff, but he fell short of the 50 percent needed at the Feb. 24 runoff (46%) and Garcia came in second with 34 percent.

The runoff itself was unprecedented for an incumbent Chicago mayor and a product of some local issues: Emanuel is not an easy politician to like, the teachers union fighting budget cuts and the general austerity associated with balancing budgets in big cities. But, national liberal forces and union groups thought they could use another municipal election, like New York, to take control, or at least redirect, the Democratic Party. They appear to have failed.

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