Friday, February 13, 2015

Even Obama is Moving to the Right of Obama

President Obama reportedly considering request to slow withdrawal from Afghanistan – 2-12-15
  • Afghan President Ghani asks for flexibility
  • 13,000 troops now
  • 5,500 at end of 2015 (current plan)
  • Embassy only 2016 (current plan)
Obama is reviewing his policy on arming Ukraine and “is certainly interested in the views and thoughts of top advisors.” – 2-4-15
  • Defense Secretary Ashton Carter supports arming Ukraine (Carter confirmed 93 to 5, 2-12-15)
Obama tells Iran at the highly covered press conference with Angela Merkel the ball is in their court. “They need to make a decision.” “Does Iran have the political will to make a decision?” – 2-6-15
  • March 31 deadline won’t be extended

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