Thursday, October 16, 2014

Udall Machine

The Udall for Senate campaign intends on overcoming a bad Democratic year and any weaknesses in controlling the narrative with the vaunted Democratic turnout machine on steroids.

This accelerated effort began in 2013 when Democrats in control of the legislature enacted universal mail-back voting. All 2.9 million active registered voters (and you can register even on Election Day) will receive a mail-back ballot replacing the old system of ballots only mailed to voters requesting them in partisan elections. Hence, the expected 2.1 million votes by November 4 could be substantially larger.

To achieve this improved system, aspects of the Michael Bennet campaign 2010 machine (which helped pull out a 30,000-vote victory in a horrendous Democratic year) were merged with the 2012 Obama campaign’s use of big data, massive in-depth polling and sophisticated algorithms.

And then the Udall campaign added more of everything. Voila, the new super turnout machine.

Can relentless turnout efforts make up for “Democrats in trouble” narrative that is now dominant?

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