Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Romney and Condi: The 2016 Ticket

Polls confirm that Hillary Clinton commands the Democratic Party nomination and no one in the Republican field has more than a narrow slice of the Republican electorate. The latest McClatchy national poll had Jeb Bush as the Republican frontrunner with 15 percent followed by Rand Paul and Paul Ryan at 13 percent.

Mitt Romney and Condi Rice
Mitt Romney, who is now campaigning for Republicans in the midterm elections, repeatedly and vigorously states he’s not running for president, but he polls two times the current Republican field. Romney wins 34 percent of Republicans when he is included in the 2016 GOP primary (Washington Post/ABC News poll). Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee come in second at 15 percent. He also wins 24 percent of New Hampshire Republicans (Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll, 6-20-14) and 35 percent of likely Iowa GOP caucus voters when asked who they would vote for the 2016.

What about a woman on the Republican ticket? Condoleezza Rice is ensconced as a professor at Stanford, but she is speaking nationally on foreign policy and she is a CBS News consultant. When added to a recent Economist/YouGov poll, she tied the top of the field, sharing 13 percent of Republican Party favor with Rand Paul. And, Rice was among the top candidates on Mitt Romney’s vice president list in 2012.

Romney-Rice would be a strong counter to Clinton and a likely Hispanic male vice president nominee for the Democrats.

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