Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Glass Ceiling Coming Down

9KUSA’s Cheryl Preheim reports that the modest numbers of women in political office is changing. Colorado’s in the forefront and younger voters the driving force.

Ciruli expects the number of women in the highest political offices to go up because local numbers are growing.

“It is your county commissioners and mayors and city council people who become your legislators,” Ciruli said.

In Colorado, women hold 30 percent of those local municipal offices.

While women don’t hold any of the highest state offices, like governor or attorney general, the Colorado State Legislature has the highest percentage of women of any state with 41 percent.

Ciruli says the day when the country is closer to a 50/50 representation at all levels of government is getting closer. He says the millennial generation will play a part in that shift.

“Our sense from those younger voters is that they feel it is time for the glass ceilings to come down and more women to be in those roles,” he said. “I think it’s coming. It’s just sort of a question of a little bit of practice and change of attitude.”

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