Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gary Hart Gets Friendly Biography

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The Gary Hart scandal of May 1987 that ended his presidential chances is getting a fresh airing in a new book and New York Times article by Matt Bai and a criticism of it by the former editor of the who broke the story, Tom Fielder, in a Politico article.
Miami Herald

Bai makes the case that the media coverage of Hart’s adultery was mostly new for presidential politics and set the stage for scandal coverage from then on. He is critical of the Miami Herald and implies Fielder was in overkill mode for an “inconsequential lie.”

Fielder takes exception and believes Hart brought on the scandal with his own behavior and words and it was hardly “inconsequential.”

Both are good reads, especially notice the end of Bai’s New York Times piece and Hart’s continued unhappiness with the missed opportunity.

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