Thursday, October 30, 2014

Down Ballot

The Secretary of State and State Treasurer races appear to have a little life in them, but Republicans are advantaged in low visibility down ballot races by the expected more conservative and more Republican midterm electorate.

More than a fifth of voters are still undecided in the Secretary of State race and Democrat Joe Neguse is only five to seven points back of Republican Wayne Williams (31% to 36%) in one recent poll. Neguse is on TV with a positive advertisement.

The State Treasurer contest appears to be the only close race. Betsy Markey is two points behind incumbent Republican Walker Stapleton, with 12 percent undecided in the only public poll from PPP published October 19. Markey has been on the offensive with negative ads concerning Stapleton’s attendance at work, always an attention-getting charge.

Democrat Don Quick simply never gained any traction for Attorney General against Republican Cynthia Coffman. He’s been ten points or more behind in three polls published during the last month.

See Denver Post: Turnout may determine Williams-Neguse race

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