Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Los Angeles Times: Democrats Target Women Voters to Help Udall

Sen. Mark Udall
A July 11th LA Times article by Maeve Reston describes in considerable detail the Democrats’ strategy to save Mark Udall’s senate seat. Two key elements are the Bannock Street Project ($60 million), which will attempt to raise the turnout of women (especially single), minorities and 18 to 29 year olds. It’s named for and following Michael Bennet’s 2010 re-election strategy.

Secondly, wedge issues, such as reproductive rights (e.g., subsidized and free contraceptives), will be used in a targeted fashion to motivate turnout and to increase the Democratic vote share among women.

Republicans, such as Cory Gardner, counter with their own positions on women’s reproductive issues and argue that they’re reasonable and open to discussion. Gardner’s most dramatic action to make that point was to shift his position on Colorado’s “personhood” amendment.

The essence of the Democratic strategy in Colorado and elsewhere is the argument that their opponents are extremists.
Rep. Cory Gardner

Floyd Ciruli, an independent pollster and analyst, said Gardner had strengthened his position by switching his position on personhood, which he said was the candidate’s greatest liability. “Painful,” he said, “but a smart move.”

Ultimately this year, Ciruli said, “Colorado is a battle for looking like you're reasonable.”

Udall’s team clearly believes he is endangered and must use the best items from the 2010 campaign, even if they are among the most obvious and ubiquitous tools in the Democratic playbook.

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