Friday, July 18, 2014

Barack Obama’s Last Visit

For a guy who hates to lose, John Hickenlooper has had a bad couple of weeks. First, he gets his clock cleaned in a couple of pool games with President Obama. And then, in a poll in the field one day later (Quinnipiac, 7-10 to 7-14), he drops four points in approval in four months and loses his first poll since breaking out of a multi-candidate mayoral field at the start of his career in 2003.

Pres. Obama w/Gov. Hickenlooper, rear,
 at Wynkoop Brewing Co. July 8, 2014.
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Unpopular presidents cost fellow party candidates votes. But, Hickenlooper and the Democrats have also contributed to their own demise.
  • The Quinnipiac poll showed guns in second place from a much lower position in an earlier poll, no doubt due to the Governor’s failed apology to County Sheriffs and the kerfuffle it raised.
  • Hickenlooper never fully recovered from the runaway 2013 legislative session, which he became fully identified with bill signings and his failure to use the veto.
  • His futile effort to reach a compromise on fracking to avoid a public fight highlights a divided party.
One figure that must cause the Governor’s campaign pause is that his signature issue of the economy was not helping him, in spite of some increase in voter satisfaction with it.

Given these poll results and Senator Udall’s gyrations to avoid the president don’t expect another visit before November 4.

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