Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tom – Stop Looking Shocked

Tom Tancredo’s surprise over attack ads on his libertarian drug views lacks credibility.

His endorsement of legalization of marijuana in 2012 was a major coup for the pro pot proponents in Colorado and a surprise to most Republicans. It was also out of alignment with party members who told pollsters in October 2012 before the vote, which was approved by 10 points, that they opposed it by 38 points (29% favor, 62% oppose, PPP, Nov. 5, 2012).

Tancredo’s libertarian musings on legalization of all drugs is both believable and confirmed by his admission that he has gone “back and forth on legalization of hard stuff” and he can “understand the theoretical line” that gets to legalization (Denver Post, 6-19-14).


It is ironic that Bill Armstrong may be ending Tancredo’s election career because it was former Senator Armstrong’s endorsement of Tancredo for Congress in 1998 that gave him a final push in the five-person primary field. Tancredo declared: “Armstrong’s endorsement was worth 5 percent of the vote” (Almanac of American Politics, 2000).

Bill Armstrong’s endorsement of another candidate and joining in a high-profile attack ad demonstrates that Tancredo has worn out his welcome with some influential old friends and allies.
Tom Tancredo (L) and Bill Armstrong (R)

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