Friday, June 13, 2014

Strange Day for Udall

Today was a strange day for news about Senator Mark Udall.
  • It was announced President Obama will come to the state for a fundraiser. Although having Obama visit early is less hazardous than late, it hardly provides a lift.
  • 9News reported Udall will vote against the Keystone XL Pipeline. A controversial decision out of alignment with two-thirds of Coloradans.
  • In a fundraising e-mail, Udall is touting that he’s losing to Congressman Cory Gardner by 2 points (47% to 45%, National Mining Association, 6-12-14).
Wow. The pundits and forecasters assumed the race is close, but that Udall was up by 1 or 2 points. Udall claims he’s losing. If true, not good for an incumbent senator and hardly helped by a visit from an embattled president who is hanging on to an approval rating barely above 40 percent or embracing the minority position (which will be labeled anti-energy independence and anti-jobs) on the highest profile environmental issue in the country.

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