Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sleepy Race, But Most Electable Team

As we predicted last Friday, Republican turnout in the governor’s race was unlikely to reach 400,000 voters (which was the 2010 turnout).

Bob Beauprez
The total Republican vote, all races, all candidates: 398,620.

Bob Beauprez won an impressive 30 percent of the vote competing against two other candidates for the “anybody but Tancredo” vote.

Beauprez must now rapidly find money for television, unite the party and watch his next few weeks of comments – official and off-the-cuff – because media and Democrats will be trolling for the faux pas that can make it into advertisements and, most importantly, will demonstrate to the independent expenditure committees (without talking to them) that this race is or is not worth investing in. The money players are all in for the Senate race, but the governorship will take some convincing that this is not Beauprez’s 2006 race.

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