Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Obamacare – The Gift Keeps Giving

Bill McInturff, a top Republican pollster, said at the recent convention of pollsters that Obamacare was the gift that would keep on giving to Republicans.

In spite of the White House’s effort to delay the most onerous aspects of the law, sooner or later (likely before the 2016 presidential election) most of the controversial and burdensome aspects of the law – primarily the mandates – will be functioning.

McInturff suggested the failed ACA rollout will be seen as having the same impact as Watergate for Nixon, the hostage crisis for Carter and Katrina for Bush.

The most immediate problem that will affect the 2014 election is a pending health insurance rate hike. The apologists for the ACA are already trying to cushion blow by telling their constituents that:
  • Rates vary
  • Good provisions cause rates to increase; i.e., sell to and renew coverage regardless of preexisting conditions
  • There are some provisions that could limit increases
  • Finally, rates went up before ACA
But, bottom line is rates will go up and support for Obamacare, which is already in negative territory, may slip further, affecting Democrat candidates in November.

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