Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Immigration Won’t Go Away

Tom Tancredo
Just when the administration and pro-immigration reform forces felt the border control issue was addressed, 25,000 children are reported crossing the Texas border the first five months of the year. The President calls it a humanitarian crisis. It’s also another administration failure and a political problem.

Similar to the U.S., illegal immigration is as much of a problem in Europe. The first half of the year, the number of migrants attempting to “enter Europe illegally has surged” to more than 140,000, near the total 2013 number. Anti-immigration and anti-establishment political parties elected a record number of delegates in the latest elections for EU representatives in Brussels.

Could the latest failure to control America’s borders give Colorado candidate Tom Tancredo a boost in the June 24 Republican primary? Voting starts this week.

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Dave Barnes said...

Open Borders!
Let the children in.
They will help grow economy.