Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top National Pollsters Offer 2014 Predictions

A panel of leading public and political pollsters – Mark Blumenthal (Huffington Post), Jon Cohen (SurveyMonkey), Celinda Lake (Lake Research), Anthony Salvanto (CBS News) and Mark DiCamillo (Field Poll) – will preview the 2014 election and analyze the trends that appear to be driving the contests, both state and national.

Will 2014 be a wave election, and if so, how strong? Does the dislike of Washington and/or Congress provide an advantage to either party? Is the polarization of politics so prevalent in Washington D.C. becoming visible at the state level with hard left and right moves?

The 2014 election trends and predictions are the most frequent topics I get asked at Colorado speeches. So, I organized a panel at this week’s AAPOR Conference in California of the top pollsters to describe the variables they believe will have the greatest predictive power in 2014.

It should be one of AAPOR’s most interesting panels.

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