Friday, May 30, 2014

Denver is a Top Tier Political City

Denver has made it to the top of the list of cities that can logistically hold major conventions and bring additional benefits to the table. Our civic and political leadership are hospitable, and Colorado has the political demographics and culture that points to the future of American politics with its diversity and independent voters.

Denver’s handicap stems from its recent success with the 2008 Democratic Convention. There will be a tendency to compare what the Republicans do in 2016 with the extraordinary moment when a charismatic figure took control of a party hungry for victory. Can the Republicans fill Invesco Field will be a framing perspective.
Cleveland and Dallas are the frontrunners on the list because they have far more political clout in the halls of the RNC and its site selection committee, but they also provide powerful messaging to the respective regions and the country at large.

Ohio is a swing state Obama barely carried, central in a region the Republicans believe is very winnable in 2016. Obama’s failure to sufficiently revive the economy is exactly the message Ohio and rustbelt Republicans intend to highlight against the Democratic nominee.

Dallas and Texas represent the heartland of the Republicans’ message of restrained government, free market economics and a land of opportunity. Texas, as the fastest growing state, radiates success and self-confidence. The Texas delegation has both the Republican establishment and the Tea Party in Cornyn, Cruz and Perry.

The downside is Dallas is the home of G.W. Bush, Democrats’ favorite target, and all the upbeat tempo of success can become an unattractive swagger. Texas politicians spend an inordinate amount of time trying to steal jobs from other states.

Kansas City’s advantage is that it has less downside. It could hold a convention that is just about 50,000 people getting together for four days to pick a nominee with no tertiary drama.

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