Monday, March 17, 2014

Support for Immigration Reform and Keystone Pipeline

The Denver Post published a guest commentary on March 5, 2014 describing Coloradans support for immigration reform and the Keystone Pipeline. Although they are domestic political topics, they relate to foreign policy issues due to the direct involvement of Canada and Mexico. And, of course, energy and immigration policy affects our strategies, interests and relationships throughout the world. The two issues are being studied as a part of the new DU Korbel School in public opinion research.

The Buzz blog posts on February 20, 2014 and November 31, 2013 show recent evidence on the topics:
On March 6, the Washington Post released its latest poll showing 65 percent of Americans believe the pipeline should be approved, with 22 percent opposed.

The pipeline construction had support from a majority of people (53%) who were conflicted on the environmental risks; i.e., climate change. They supported it due to jobs and the economy.

A recent Colorado poll shows 66 percent of voters support building the Keystone Pipeline.

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