Thursday, March 6, 2014

Russia Starts Invasion With Public Opinion Deficit

Although the U.S. has few assets in or near the Crimea to counter the Russian military invasion, Russia lacks strength in international public opinion.

The most recent Pew Research poll of favorability of Russia, China and the U.S. shows Russia with 36 percent of the public having a favorable view of them, 50 percent was garnered by China and 63 percent by the U.S.

It is the Obama administration’s strategy to use opinion of global elites and the public at large to help secure diplomatic and economic sanctions against Russia and encourage a peaceful settlement.

Although hard to gauge, Vladimir Putin clearly views himself a proselytizer for the Russian model. Being an international pariah can’t please him, and may be one more reason for him to find a solution that is less disruptive of international relations and Russia’s role in the world community.

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