Friday, March 7, 2014

Colorado for Republican National Convention

Eight cities have been identified as sites for the 2016 Republican National Convention. Cities had to get
through an initial bid process. Two initial criteria are being able to accommodate 50,000 guests over a week and raise $60 million. One special challenge is the RNC’s timing. They want to hold the convention in June, a busy convention month for most host cities.

Denver is both helped and hurt by having just hosted the Democrats in 2008.  Helped because it finally got the chance to prove it could handle the accommodations, logistics, food, security, etc. for 50,000 visitors. Also, the November Obama victory seemed to confirm the Democrats’ choice. Conventions can be a vehicle of local imagery and recruitment that helps in future elections.

Denver, however, is also hurt by the recent history of the Democrats. Parties often like to move around and highlight different cities, and the recent memory of Obama in 2008 creates the likelihood of frequent references in the commentary.

Ohio, with three winning bids, looks like the frontrunner. Cleveland hosted the Republicans in 1936 and nominated Alfred Landon. They will be hoping for a better result in 2016. But, the RNC also appears interested in midsized cities and some from the West.

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