Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Voters Don’t Like Recalls, But Many Like the Results

In the extraordinary Colorado politics of 2013, two Democratic state legislators, including the State Senate President, were recalled by angry voters. But when voters statewide are asked if they approve of recalling a person for political disagreements, voters stated they prefer to defeat the person in a regular election (36% favor recall and 57% wait for re-election).

However, in a recent Denver metro poll, voters were closely divided as to their support for the removal of the two state senators last September (39% favor, 35% oppose, 26% no opinion/don’t know).

And when statewide voters in the same Quinnipiac survey were asked if another Democratic legislator, Evie Hudak, should be recalled, 38 percent said yes and 49 percent no. But among the 38 percent who said recall, 60 percent of Republicans said yes, and if they are well-represented in her legislative district in a low turnout election, they can prevail.

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