Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gun Laws Divide Americans

Nearly half the public (49%) in a new Gallup poll support stricter “laws covering the sale of firearms,” more than a third say leave the laws as is and 13 percent believe laws should be less strict.

Public support for stricter laws has declined since the Newtown tragedy last December, down from 58 percent who then said make laws stricter.

Although there is almost no support for less strict laws, there is also little support for more severe laws, such as banning handguns. Three-quarters (74%) of the public oppose a handgun ban and only a quarter (25%) support it.

Does the decline in support for more strict gun laws help the Colorado recall advance or does the decay represent a lowering of interest and passion, which hurts their efforts?

See Gallup:  U.S. remains divided over passing stricter gun laws

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