Thursday, October 3, 2013

Amendment 66 Has Hit a Glitch

Coloradans are less than two weeks from beginning to vote on the billion-dollar tax increase for education. The multi-million dollar advertising campaign is just beginning, layered on top of an extensive grassroots phone calling and mailing campaign.

But, a glitch was reported by the Denver Post on Thursday as two credible moderate political leaders, Norma Anderson (R) and Bob Hagedorn (D), filed a legal protest concerning the Amendment 66 ballot signature effort.

Although the legal challenge won’t stop the vote, and is unlikely to reverse the judgment of the voters, assuming it passed, the suit does produce some bad press and highlights that opposition to the amendment is not just dominated by extreme anti-labor or anti-spending activists.

Anderson and Hagedorn are long-time credible members of the largely moderate wings of their respective parties. They are respected by metro business and local government interests who have largely stood on the sidelines of early positioning on Amendment 66.

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