Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Giron Could Lose

With few exceptions, Pueblo remains a one-party town, but like most one-party states, there are powerful factional differences that often explode into political fratricide.

In the 2012 primary election, the Pueblo Democratic Party dispatched the long-serving local politician and first-term District Attorney, Bill Thiebaut, replacing him with a county commissioner. But Thiebaut himself had just come to power four years earlier by beating the long-term District Attorney Gus Sandstrom in a primary.

And, in this recall election, a likely low turnout affair the week after Labor Day, cranky Democrats will be augmented by motivated Republicans. Senator Angela Giron is in trouble because she:
  • was appointed
  • is in her first term
  • has the only strong Republican area of the city in her district – Pueblo West
  • identified with the aggressive liberal wing of the legislative party
  • championed the one issue that could defeat her in Pueblo – guns. Pueblo, especially men, hunt and own guns.
Her opposition is not some out-of-town moneyed lobbyists, but local, well-organized, online savvy political activists. Their newness to the process gives them credibility and they have passion. Their excellent positioning and natural talent is reflected in gathering 13,000 signatures with volunteers and having 12,000 verified by using new online technology.

As I said to Valerie Richardson in the Washington Times:
“It’s unbelievable. How do these guys get 13,000 people to sign the petition, and [roughly] 12,000 of them are good?” Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli asked. “It’s a miracle. And it shows the passion here in Colorado behind this issue.”
On September 10, watch Pueblo for an upset of the Democratic Party establishment.

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