Thursday, July 11, 2013

Denver Metro Voters Rate K-12 Alternatives Higher

Independent, parochial and charter schools are rated higher than public schools by Denver metro voters. A recent metro voter survey incorporated a question developed by the Gallup poll asking residents how they rate K-12 schools on a scale of excellent, good, only fair or poor.

Both metro residents and the public nationwide rate independent private, parochial or church-related, and charter schools higher than public schools. Denver metro residents rate the area’s public schools substantially higher than the ratings public schools receive nationally (50% to 37%).

The survey was sponsored by ACE Scholarships, which provides private funding for low-income students to attend private schools of their choice.

Just at the moment Colorado voters are debating how to reform public education and fund the effort with a one billion dollar tax increase, it is clear the public prefers alternatives to traditional public schools.

What is not clear is if the new initiative sufficiently addresses the public’s strong preference for school choice.

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