Friday, July 12, 2013

Choice is Highest School Reform Priority

Colorado voters are beginning a discussion on how to improve public education and to decide if they should add one billion dollars to teachers, programs, capital projects and technology.

A new Denver regional poll highlights voters’ beliefs that “choice among public schools, charter schools and private schools” will be effective to lower dropout rates, get more children into college and improve the entire public school system.

Three-quarters of regional voters supported encouraging providing charter schools and open enrollment.

The public is ahead of most of the politicians, including advocates, for school choice, who continue to defer action while anti-reform groups fight to delay or derail choice.

The question will be: Is the reform offered in the initiative sufficient to justify one billion more in taxes into a somewhat improved current system?

The survey was sponsored by ACE Scholarships, which provides private funding for low-income students to attend private schools of their choice.

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