Friday, June 14, 2013

Democrats on Defensive

There is a revolt brewing in Colorado, and the Democrats are the target. The aggressive, liberal session has already produced two active recall elections and the leading politicians in upwards of eight northeastern Colorado counties talking about a war on rural Colorado and secession.

Confirming Democrats are on the defensive, voters disapprove of the legislature’s performance by 49 percent to only 36 percent approving in a new Quinnipiac poll (1065 registered voters, 6-5/10-13). Republicans and independents both strongly disapprove of their performance.

The metro area’s approval and disapproval was closely divided, but the Western Slope disapproved 51 percent to 35 percent and the non-metro Front Range and High Plains disapproved 57 percent to 26 percent.
Floyd Ciruli, a pollster and political analyst from Denver, said the reality is that the new state of North Colorado will never happen.  “I would say, politically, it’s impossible,” said Ciruli in a phone interview from his Denver office. "From my point of view when I first heard it, it sounded like a protest over the result of the last legislative session, which was probably the most liberal legislative session in the state's history. Obviously, there are some people who are happy, but there are a lot of people in the state who are angry and a whole bunch of them happen to live up in northeast Colorado."
Ciruli said he realizes how important Weld County is to Colorado, but residents who live elsewhere don’t. “I don’t think a lot of people recognize how significant Weld has become in a lot of the state's politics,” Ciruli said. “I just don’t think people realize that between growth, gas and oil and ag, how significant Weld County has become. It's still sort of a little, rural farm area in a lot of people's minds. I don't think they get it.” (GOPUSA, 6-12-13)

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