Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gay Rights: Not Question of If, But When

Although gay rights were given a mighty push by the Supreme Court, it is not clear Colorado is ready to overturn its constitutional ban. In 2016 possibly, but 2014 may be too soon. Opinion on the issues is still closely divided, and 2014 could be a lower turnout, anti-establishment-type election.
“A poll released two months ago indicated that Colorado residents now support gay marriage 51 percent to 43 percent. Among voters younger than 30, it passes by a 74 percent to 17 percent spread, according to left-leaning Public Policy Polling.
Public opinion, however, doesn't always translate to votes on Election Day, Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli said.
Catholics, including those who are older and some who identify as Democrats, would be less likely to support it. Latino and African-American voters also have traditionally opposed gay marriage.
Those demographics, however, are changing. African-American voters have shifted since President Obama said last year his opinion on the issue had "evolved," Ciruli said. Latinos younger than 30, for example, support gay marriage by more than 65 percent, which tracks with the rest of young voters on the issue in Colorado”. (Denver Post, 6-27-13)
Denver Post: Colorado reacts to Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage

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