Monday, April 8, 2013

Keystone Pipeline has Public Support; Fracking Opinions Mixed

As President Obama approaches the Keystone Pipeline decision, Pew Research reports the public supports it 66 percent to 23 percent. Even after several years of anti-pipeline activism by environmental organizations and individuals, Democrats (54%) still support it. The pipeline would transport oil from Canada tar sands across the Great Plains to refineries in the Texas Gulf Coast.

But, only 48 percent of Americans support “increased use of fracking,” which drills with high-pressure water and chemicals to release oil and natural gas. Thirty-eight percent are opposed.  The use of the term “increased” in the question makes the text more onerous for fracking.

As the pipeline decision approaches and rumors float that President Obama will approve it, the Democratic left, with the most vociferous of the environmental activists, plan mobilizations and sophisticated political strategies to reverse or stall the decision yet again.
At a recent Obama San Francisco fundraiser, big money contributors and bodies on the street were used to show the administration the fury and power of the anti-carbon wing of the party. Also, Edward Markey, Congress’ leading environmentalist and frontrunner in the Massachusetts Senate race, has become a recipient for anti-pipeline largesse (April 20 primary).

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