Monday, April 15, 2013

Colorado Struggles With Pot Regulation

City Councilman Charlie Brown describes the trials and tribulations of pot regulation for a city the size of Denver in his latest newsletter. The list of issues to resolve, with little guidance from Colorado and no experience from other states, is formidable. The problem is compounded by Colorado’s poor track record of regulation of medical marijuana as documented by a recent state audit.

The initiative passed by 61 percent in Denver and 55 percent statewide last November.  Jeanne Faatz’s more conservative southwest district gave it 52 percent support and Peggy Lehmann’s southeast district passed it by 53 percent. Pot carried north of 6th Avenue by more than 60 percent.

California travel entrepreneurs plan pot trips from the Golden State to Colorado’s best pot houses and growers.  They’re hoping tour buses will pick up the tourists at the airport.

Mayor Hancock, recognizing the perils of a flawed start, advocates for slow implementation, extensive restrictions and a self-financed regulatory structure.

Huffington Post: Mayor Michael Hancock wants marijuana moratorium, ban on pot clubs and public consumption in Denver
Denver Post: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock: Pot should be phased in, no pot clubs

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