Monday, October 15, 2012

Romney Stays in Lead in Colorado – Denver Post

The Denver Post released their latest poll (automated) that confirms a recent series of polls showing Mitt Romney breaking into the lead in Colorado (Oct. 10 blog).

Colorado is tracking the national trend that moved to Romney’s favor for the first time October 9, six days after the first debate. Although, the national trend as of Monday, October 15, now shows a tie race, possibly indicating the debate bounce has begun to smooth out.

The Denver Post poll showed 12 percent of voters say they switched candidates after the first debate:  34 percent went to Romney and 16 percent to Barack Obama.  Romney also gained twice as many undecided as Obama.

Ciruli interview in Denver Post:
“‘There is a relatively small number of individuals who are really undecided, and there’s more of these people who are weakly decided,’ said Floyd Ciruli, a Denver pollster.  ‘I think they tend to be more independent.  They tend to be more moderate.  They’re definitely not attached to a candidate. They are able to move.’”
The poll also saw a shift in college-educated voters to Romney after the debate:
“These are voters who are ‘looking for the final clue,’ Ciruli said, calling debates ‘literate and high-profile events.’
‘If you’re a less partisan person, not a deep Democrat or a Republican, you are disappointed in this president,’ he said.”

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