Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colorado – The Nation’s Closest Battleground

The Obama campaign is increasingly disappointed in the Colorado numbers.  The latest polls show Colorado is the closest toss-up state in the country.  The Real Clear Politics average for Colorado on October 23 shows Romney ahead by 0.2 percent.

A Sunday Rasmussen poll has Mitt Romney up by 4 percentage points (50% Romney to 46% Obama), but the latest PPP poll puts Barack Obama ahead by 3 points (47% Romney to 50% Obama).

Up to this point, both candidates have believed the state is winnable and are currently dedicating massive final resources, especially their time, to motivate their base and win the final undecided voters.  But, pressure is building on President Obama to put more resources into the Midwest.  Colorado has not responded to the campaigning efforts since the Oct. 3 Denver debate debacle.

As of Tuesday, October 23, 171,000 absentee votes had been returned, with a reported slight Republican advantage (9,000 votes). More than 70 percent of Coloradans are expected to vote early.

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