Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coffman Grabs Denver Post Endorsement in Expected Tight Race

Mike Coffman received the Denver Post’s editorial endorsement (Oct. 14) in spite of the Post’s belief he’s too conservative for the newly redesigned district.  Basically, they like his willingness to break with the Republican budget position on cutting military spending.

Joe Miklosi, a local politician with no previous leadership profile in the Democratic Party, benefits from the newly designed district, which Barack Obama won in 2008 as did Senator Michael Bennet in his razor-tight 2010 re-election.

Miklosi is also receiving significant funding help from national Democrats in their quest to win a net increase of 25 seats and regain control of the House.  The DCCC is also developing and airing its own (highly standardized) advertising spots to help Miklosi.

Finally, he benefits from the powerful Obama ground game working to get out the vote in Aurora and Arapahoe County.

Ciruli interview in Denver Post:
“Political analyst Floyd Ciruli said three factors have helped Miklosi:  the new district lines, monetary support from Democrats in Washington eager to win the U.S. House and being a down-ticket candidate to a president who has a strong grassroots operation.   ‘Include these factors, and you have a strong candidate,’ Ciruli said.”
See Denver Post:  Joe Miklosi:  Vows to hold fast to his desire to ‘serve the people’

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