Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deficit and Economy are Obama’s Weakest Positions

As the Democratic National Convention begins, the latest Gallup report reaffirms President Obama’s weakness on the economy, but shows his strength on terrorism and relative strength in foreign affairs.

Unfortunately for Obama, the economy and deficit are top issues in the public’s minds as needing to be fixed whereas foreign affairs is back of the mind and only likely to break out in a crisis.

The Paul Ryan pick should help the Republicans put spending, debt and the deficit front and center in the campaign.  Obama only receives a net positive approval on foreign policy and terrorism, but has a 20 plus point net disapproval on jobs, the economy and the deficit.

Immigration is not a positive for the President, with some liberals, Democrats and Hispanics wanting more pro-immigration policies and many others wanting less favorable and more punitive actions.  But, in general, only 38 percent of public is satisfied with Obama on the issue.
Obama’s current rating on the economy is lower than recent presidents running for a second term.

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