Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama Winning Gender Gap in Colorado

The latest Purple Poll shows President Obama winning the gender gap by five points (men – 9% Romney, women – 14% Obama).  The Obama campaign’s top priority is to use wedge issues to their advantage with Colorado women voters, especially in the suburbs.

Wedge issue politics uses hostility toward unpopular or controversial policies targeted at swing voters who have weak attachments to a candidate or party or who are cross-pressured.

Democrats have been aiming their “war on women” rhetoric at independent Colorado women or those with weak partisan allegiance. Many of the women are Republican-leaning or concerned about the economy and giving Mitt Romney their early support, but they are pro-choice and moderate on social issues (e.g., gay rights, gun control).

Democrats have been using high-profile visits and thousands of dollars of TV to argue Republicans are extreme on abortion and “reproductive rights” (e.g., government subsidizing birth control and other health care benefits).  Of course, the Akin controversy is perfect for this strategy.

New national polls show women are:
  • Fox News:  Romney – men: 48% to 40%; Obama – women: 48% to 42%; 2% Romney gender gap
  • CNN:  Romney – men: 53% to 43%; Obama – women: 54% to 42%; 2% Obama gender gap
  • Gallup:  Romney – men: 50% to 42%; Obama – women: 50% to 42%; 0% gender gap
  • Washington Post:  Romney – men: 51% to 42%; Obama – women: 49% to 43%; 2% Romney gender gap

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