Monday, August 13, 2012

Obama Builds His Lead

Although Colorado’s presidential race may have gotten closer this last week, with one report that Mitt Romney was ahead by five points, nationally, Barack Obama is building his lead.

As reported on August 7 in The Buzz, Obama first received some good polling news from Pew showing that he was up by ten points. Many thought the poll was an outlier.  But now, two new polls from Fox News and CNN confirm a growing lead.  CNN reports a seven-point spread and Fox News shows nine points.  Only Rasmussen has Romney up by 4 points in his daily tracking poll.

Polls may be more volatile the next two weeks as the Ryan decision is absorbed and the national conventions are held, but Romney was down by four points on Sunday, the day after the vice president selection was made.

See New York Times: The Caucus:  Romney advisers dismiss recent dip in polls

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