Friday, August 3, 2012

Obama Approval Below Average in Colorado

Gallup just issued a six-month assessment of Barack Obama’s approval and Colorado remains in the middle of the 50 states and D.C.  Obama has a 43 percent approval in Colorado, 23rd from the bottom, which is anchored by our neighbor, Utah, at 26 percent approval.

Gallup points out Obama has an approval of 50 percent or above in 13 states and the District.  In 16 states his approval was below 40 percent, including our neighbors Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Colorado just misses that cut at 43 percent.

Obama’s national approval from January to June was 46 percent, still in the danger zone for re-election.  Historically, incumbent candidates need to be at 50 percent in the last pre-election poll to be assured re-election, although George W. Bush and Harry Truman won (polling in 1948 was a still new and infrequent business).

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