Friday, August 31, 2012

Hispanic Voters for Obama Two-to-One

Barack Obama has a lock on the 2012 Hispanic vote nationally and in Colorado.  Repeated polls show 2-to-1 support for Obama over Mitt Romney.
Obama’s concern must be turning out Hispanic voters, who are often underrepresented in registration and on Election Day.
National polls confirm Romney’s disadvantage with Hispanic voters as he enters the final two months of the campaign.  Some of his operatives have been quoted as having a goal of 38 percent of the Hispanic vote.  That is highly unlikely.  John McCain only received 32 percent in 2008, and he was seen as having a pro-Hispanic immigration policy.
  •  NBC/Wall Street Journal (8-23-12):  Obama – Hispanics: 63% to 28%; Romney – Anglos: 53% to 40%.  Romney’s goal of 38% (very unlikely).  John McCain received 32% in 2008; George. W. Bush won 40% in 2004.
  • Los Angeles Times (8-19-12):  Obama – Hispanics: 74% to 24%; Romney – Anglos: 53% to 41%
A recent study states that Hispanic voters will likely make up 8 percent of all voters in toss-up states on November 6.  That figure is low for Colorado, where Hispanic voters made up 12 percent of the Colorado electorate in the 2008 presidential election.
The recent PPP Colorado poll said 13 percent of its sample was Hispanics and the New York Times/CBS/Quinnipiac poll showed 9 percent of voters were Hispanic.
See Center for Immigration Studies:  Projecting the 2012 Hispanic Vote

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