Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does Ryan Restart the Race? – Denver Post, 9NEWS

Although vice presidents don’t usually impact a race beyond the initial spate of coverage (Sarah Palin’s negative impact an exception), Paul Ryan’s selection could be a restart for Mitt Romney’s campaign, which was slipping behind due to the relentless negative advertising of the Obama campaign.

The economic issue appeared to be insufficient on its own to put Romney ahead.  Along with a new voice, appealing life story and enthusiasm, Ryan brings new issues to the table – the deficit, debt, spending and entitlements.  Ryan will also jump start the right’s media just as the party heads to their August 27 Tampa convention.
“Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli said Ryan's ultra-athletic and outdoors lifestyle is in sync with Coloradans and that part of his background will attract state voters. 
‘He is immediately going to add enthusiasm to the camp of the Republican ticket,’ Ciruli said. ‘This will help reframe the debate to the budget, spending and the national debt.’
‘Obama thinks he can frame him as an extremist,’ Ciruli said. ‘It will ultimately depend on how (Ryan) is framed with independents. If independents think he will help fix the fiscal problems in Washington, Ryan will be a net gain for Romney in Colorado.’”  (Denver Post, August 12, 2012)
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