Monday, August 13, 2012

Denver on Growth Trend

The Census Bureau has just reported on population growth during the very slow recession period of 2010 and 2011.  Denver’s growth rate was larger than any other large western city.  As of 2011, the city’s population was 619,968, 7th in the West.  Some other Denver metro regional cities that grew faster than average were Broomfield, Castle Rock, Northglenn and Parker.

Denver now ranks as the 7th largest western city.

And, as reported in The Buzz on July 19, the entire region is doing well.  The retail spending recovery continues.  The month-over-month from a year ago sales tax receipts in the seven-county region are up 8.4 percent, down slightly from 9.2 percent in May, but still a substantial improvement over last year.  Year-to-year compared to last year at this time is also up 8.4 percent.

See Denver Business Journal:  Los Angeles tops broad list of growing cities in West

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