Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adams County Asks Voters 3 or 5 Commissioners?

The image of Adams County government collapsed under the weight of corruption charges and aggressive news coverage from the Denver Post.  It cost one commissioner party re-nomination and another is retiring.  As part of a wide-scale effort to remodel county government and rehabilitate its reputation, a series of reforms were proposed by the county manager and approved by commissioners.

One of the reforms is to ask voters their preference for the number of county commissioners – three or five.  Voters, in our latest survey for Adams County, were very concerned about corruption (84%), but undecided on adding commissioners.
Denver-based Ciruli Associates found that nearly 47 percent of county residents somewhat supported or strongly supported an increase in the number of commissioners from three to five. About 550 Adams County residents were polled in the survey.
There will be a campaign for and against adding commissioners, with Republican Commissioner Erik Hansen (former mayor of Thornton) leading the charge in favor.  Hansen had the good fortune to be a new commissioner untouched by the politics of Brighton.

See Our Colorado News:  Survey tracks concern about county leaders

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