Friday, March 2, 2012

Pueblo's Super Tuesday Caucus

Although the Colorado Democratic caucus on March 6 will be ignored with the Republican presidential candidates battling in 10 other states, Pueblo County Democrats will start a season of contests for two county commissioner positions and district attorney.

The biggest surprise is incumbent District Attorney Bill Thiebaut’s challenge from County Commissioner Jeff Chostner.  Thiebaut so dominated the Pueblo Democratic Party four years ago, he pushed out then incumbent Gus Sandstrom, who could not get enough delegates to even get on the ballot.  Now he is playing defense for alleged ineffective prosecutions and wasted efforts against a Colorado Springs water project.

The races for county commissioner are a part of Pueblo Democrats full employment.  Incumbent County Commissioner John Cordova will be challenged by well-known former City Council Ray Aguilera.  The open county commissioner seat has four Democrats competing, a Pueblo Democrat jobs program.

In both cases, Republicans who seldom win countywide in Pueblo are looking for opportunities.

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