Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obama’s Support Divided by Race, Age and Education

America’s preference for candidates has been studied for decades, but it’s always enlightening to describe the positions of the major independent variables of the body politic as they divide in a presidential election. 

President Barack Obama wanted to be a unifier and above the political fray, but after 3 years, he’s as embattled as any president in modern history and the object of intense and polarized feelings among the public.

At a 41 percent monthly average approval in September – one of the lowest in his administration – Gallup reports Obama is above President Carter (32%) a year before his loss, but below President Clinton (46%) before his win in 1995.

Obama benefits from approval levels that are higher than his disapproval levels, averaging 7 percent above the average of 41 percent among allies and 4 percent below the average among skeptics.

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