Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama Works the Youth Vote

President Barack Obama is depending on the youth vote to save his presidency. They formed a major component of his 2008 landslide victory, but now are needed to fill in for major defections among White and independent voters.

In the policy arena, the administration just announced in Colorado a college loan debt forgiveness program.

And, the campaign just launched its youth vote effort with high-profile and expensive initiatives, including a new website using Facebook, Twitter and social media. Expect to see a lot of activity on college campuses. And remember, there are millions of new young people today who were 14 to 17 years old in 2008. They are now in college or looking for work. Democrats want them next November.

In 2008, voters aged 18 to 29 were 14 percent of the Colorado electorate, but dropped down to 9 percent in the Democratic local “shellacking” in 2010.

Obama won the national youth vote by 66 percent in 2008, but today, he has only a 48 percent approval rating among them.

Obama’s second visit to Colorado and it’s all about the base. Last visit, a Hispanic high school and now an urban college campus – base, base, base.

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