Friday, October 7, 2011

Obama Back to Colorado

Colorado’s nine electoral votes have become critical to President Barack Obama’s re-election chances. To shore up his declining support, Obama will be back a second time in less than month.

Obama has 242 electoral votes if he can hold all the states Democrats have won in five out of five of the last presidential elections. It’s the final 28 electoral votes that are the challenge.

My 9News analysis on the return visit:

“Colorado will definitely be one of the pivot points because I think everybody believes this race is going to be one of two things: either very close, in which Obama is competitive, but in trouble, or a possible Republican blowout. I think most pundits think it is going to be close. And if it's close, Colorado is one of the most balanced states in this country between its right and left and the power held by the middle.”
See Huffington Post: President Barack Obama returning to Denver in October, his second visit in under a month

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